Our Family Parenting Coordinator

Struggling with coparenting? I can help.

Going through separation and divorce as a parent can be one of the most stressful transitions of your life. Parents often need a professional to help resolve conflict and learn new skills to be able to coparent.

I am Shana Duehring, an experienced attorney, qualified parenting coordinator, and guardian ad litem in Tampa Bay, Florida. I provide parenting interventions, parenting coordination, training, and conflict resolution through all stages of divorce and seperation. I have 16 years of legal experience, 10 years experience in child development and children with special needs, and advanced training managing high conflict parties in legal disputes and coparenting techniques.

4 Reasons to Hire Shana

1. Reduce your legal fees.

Litigation can be EXPENSIVE. It is important to fight for the safety and well being of your children. But often parents go back to court over situations that could be resolved outside of court. I take cases on a sliding fee scale.

2. Reduce the stress on the children

Parents in conflict cause anxiety in the children, especially in divorce cases. Lowering conflict between the parents has been proven to lower the stress and anxiety felt by children.

3. Reduce your stress

It is important to take care of yourself. Reduce conflict, reduce your stress and move on with your life.

4. Custom Approach to your situation

Each divorce is unique. I will identify key areas of conflict in your situation, as well as behavior and communication patterns between parents that aren't working, and put together a custom approach to move you forward in life with less conflict.

HIGH Conflict Divorce

Change or Draft the Parenting Plan

Stop Negative Communication Patterns

Fight Parental Alienation

Resolve Day-to-Day Conflicts

Learn to be Better Coparents

Guardian ad Litem Services

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